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Choosing The Right Leather

Choosing The Right Leather
I can't remember where my fascination for leather work came from but I knew it was a skill I had to master. From the detailing to the quality - I wanted to learn it all! I didn't know what I was doing when I started but you couldn't tell me a thing. Now here I am, 6 years later and my entire shop is full of leather goods.  
The saying "practice makes perfect" is the real. There's always something new to learn so I wouldn't dare say I'm perfect but between the amount of research, asking questions and watching tutorials - I'm definitely more well versed about leather than I was when I started. And after hella (yes, hella) moments of trial and error, I've FINALLY figured out what type of leather is best for my brand vs. what isn't. Just remember, take your time with this, it is a process.
Check out this unboxing to get a better explanation of what to look for when sourcing leather. There's a number of suppliers available to choose from and decide which is best fit for you - Wicket & Craig among a few others have been my go-to's.


If you're considering working with leather, before you do ANY shopping and spend unnecessary monies, decide on the type/size of your leather project you'll be working on. Leather comes in a variety of ounces, types and grades. The last thing you want to do is purchase leather that's suited for making a bag, when you're only making a wallet. You will be pissed. Trust me. If you're new to sourcing, check out the previous Journal: Sourcing leather for your project
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  • I wanted to leave a comment. Thanks for the info.

    J Weaver on
  • I stumbled on your website from watching a youtube video and your name was mentioned. I’m new to this craft and love it. Thanks for all the info.

    Jonathan on

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