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Leather Clutch Bag Making Kit

Leather Clutch Bag Making Kit

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Create your own NikkiMade leather clutch with bag making kit with a leather wrist strip. Designed for use with a sewing machine. An industrial machine is recommended but if you only have a domestic machine, please make sure it's heavy duty and can accomodate sewing leather - otherwise, sew at your own discretion. This kit will help you understand how to sew lining, zippers, leather and more. This style if the design that started the venture in bag design and leather work and now you have everything you need to make your own bag. 


  • Pre-cut leather
  • Leather strap tabs
  • Leather for wrist strap
  • Lining Fabric
  • Zipper 
  • Handbag Hardware
  • Link to view video tutorial 


*Kits are not intended for resale or duplication. They are designed solely for the purpose of creating, DIY and learning. 

*Completed style of bag will differ in appearance per student. 

*If you have arthritis, carpal tunnel or any current or previous medical issues with your hands, please consult with a physician prior to signing up.


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